Nicotine salts: Read them before you try them!

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From time to time there are also new developments in the Liquid sector, i.e. beyond the mere multiplication of the Aroma mixtures. From the USA there seems to be such a hype about “nicotine salts”, which could easily tempt uninformed people to switch to such Liquids. They are supposed to “work faster”, but apart from the various dangers associated with these salts, that doesn’t even seem to be true.

I became aware of the subject of nicotine salts through VAPERS GURU – a very informative source about steaming. I put all, which play with the thought of trying out such nicotine salt liquids, the article

Nicotine salt – danger or hype? (Nikotinsalz – Gefahr oder Hype?)

to the heart. The information is comprehensively researched and scientifically founded. Really good journalism!

The problems associated with nicotine salt have the potential to bring the e-cigarette into disrepute again and again and thus to work towards the regulators who would like to get it completely away. And not only that: dependence on nicotine would increase if the promises of the distributors were true – instead of diminished, as all steamers experience it with joy!

Nicotine salts: Read them before you try them!
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Nicotine salts: Read them before you try them!
There seems to be just such a hype from the USA about "nicotine salts", which could easily tempt the uninformed to switch to such liquids.
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