15 good reasons for steaming instead of smoking

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Dampfen stat Rauchen - SymbolbildIn view of the many advantages of steaming, it is almost surprising that so many still smoke! 🙂
Here is a collection of good reasons why it’s worth switching or giving the electric cigarette a chance. You are welcome to add them in the comments.

  1. Cleaners: The e-cigarette is a much less harmful alternative to cigarettes. The latter produces up to 9600 partly carcinogenic substances during combustion. In the E-Cigarette no burn takes place. Differently than with smoking no krebserregenden hydrocarbons, no carbon monoxide and other dangerous combustion products develop (more in addition hier, hier und hier)
  2. Money saving: E-steam is (still) drastically cheaper than cigarette consumption, at least if you don’t use disposable models, but versions to be filled with Liquid. 10 ml e-Liquid (common vials) correspond to about eight packs of cigarettes and are available from about 2.90 Euro. In addition, after the initial purchase of the “hardware”, there are still minor costs for wearing parts, which, however, are of little significance.
  3. Health: The absence of tar, carbon monoxide, cadmium, benzene, and other pollutants in steam brings noticeable health improvements over a smoker’s life. Countless people who changed their smoking habits reported the disappearance of the smoker’s cough, better breathing and higher fitness. The probability of lung diseases decreases.
  4. The sense of taste improves which is quite “taken along” by the tobacco cigarettes.
  5. No bad smells: And goodbye to smoky smelly clothes! You don’t have to wash so often and don’t get on the nerves of non-smokers with a good nose!
  6. No residues: Bye bye yellowed walls, tar paint on book spines, tar deposits in PC and other devices! Renovation is much more sustainable thanks to steam.
  7. Aesthetics: Even the teeth no longer yellow, but remain white! It’s worthwhile to have a professional tooth cleaning after the changeover…
  8. Width of use: Steaming is permitted in many places where smoking is prohibited. Often you don’t have to go on the balcony to smoke with friends and acquaintances, but you can steam in the room. The steam is – if it is noticed at all – often perceived as fragrant.
  9. Danger prevention: Falling asleep with the e-cigarette is harmless – whereas many smokers have already lit their bed. Also fire holes by falling glow on carpets and Klamotten are no more topic.
  10. Seek reduction: The addiction pressure with regard to nicotine becomes significantly weaker when steaming all by itself. If you start with the nicotine content corresponding to your previous tobacco consumption, you can soon switch to weaker Liquids (more on this hier).
  11. Complete withdrawal: This is also possible if you want to. There are steamers that steam liquids with NULL nicotine content and many that continue to reduce.
  12. Environment: No more full ashtrays, even the almost unbreakable filters are no longer released into the environment.
  13. Product variety: there are significantly more different liqudis than tobacco variants. In addition to tobacco liquids, fruit aromas and many other well-known “tastes” are also steamed – e.g. cola, coffee, mulled wine, energy drink, honey etc. etc.
  14. Hobby-Factor: Both the steamer hardware and the mixing of liquds can be a great new hobby where you can get really creative with the many aromas available.
  15. Social Benefits: Steamboat regulars’ tables and online communities offer many opportunities to get to know other steamers. The exchange is lively, information about news spreads quickly, steam is steamed through all social classes. And if you have a soft spot for political activism, you’re in the right place at “Kampf um den Dampf”
15 good reasons for steaming instead of smoking
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15 good reasons for steaming instead of smoking
Given the many advantages of steaming, it's almost surprising that so many still smoke! :-) ✓ Collection of 15 good reasons why it is worth switching. ✓
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