Why this blog?

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Another blog about steaming – isn’t there enough already? As you can see on the page with the Dampf-Links, there is no lack of information and reports, but the scene of steam bloggers is still comparatively small. Each new blog makes the controversial topic and its political dimension known to a wider audience and encourages smokers to try it out. The more difficult it is for politicians to simply “regulate away” such a helpful and 1000 times less harmful alternative to tobacco consumption.

Also there are topics, which are quite underexposed in the media sighted by me so far or do not occur at all. For example:

  • Philosophical about pleasure, habit, addiction…
  • Comprehensive testimonials from former heavy smokers;
  • The oddly ambivalent relationship of many steamers and activists to traders
  • Why does the change not work for all?
  • Principles about freedom versus state regulation
  • scene observations: There is more than one type of steamer…
  • Is there a steamer culture? Difference to smoking culture?
  • u.v.m.

All in all, I have the impression that there is a lot of talk about devices, their technology and details. I will also show and discuss the devices I started and steamed with, but this won’t be a pure “review blog”! My topics are less technical, I am interested in psychological, social, philosophical and political aspects far more than the right cotton wool at “Selbstwickeln”. And I stand also on cross-linking, link gladly and look forward enormously over comments: here in the Blog, not somewhere in the Gated Communities of the so-called social media.

Who knows good articles to the above-mentioned topics for example, may link them gladly in the comments – and also otherwise everything say, which occurs to this Blog and approximately around the topic Steam so!

Why this blog?
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Why this blog?
Another blog about steaming - isn't there enough already? As you can see on the page with the steam links, there is no lack of information and reports.
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