New mixing system at the liquid forge – tried and tested

First of all on the legal situation: As of 20 May 2017 there will only be 10 ml bottles due to the unspeakable regulation by TPD2 Liquid. This also applies to the so-called “Base“, i.e. the nicotine-containing PG or PG/VG mixture, which only results in a steamable liquid when flavorings are added. For self-mixers who have not stored any supplies, (gebunkert )mixing will therefore be significantly more expensive to pointless, as the macimum nicotine content is also limited to 20 mg in the 10 ml vials that will still be permitted in future. Read more →

Docu about the e-cigarette: “A Billion Lives”

What are a billion lives against the losses BigTobacco and BigPharma are threatened by the e-cigarette!

Millions of people use the e-cigarette – optionally with or without nicotine. But why is the e-cigarette so demonized? The American documentary “A Billion Lives” finds the answers. The award-winning cinema film somehow passed me by – but you don’t have to convince me anymore!

Here is a detailed review by Mr.Smoke

Rezension bei Mr.Smoke