Weight gain through steam?

Anyone who has quit smoking several times and started smoking again later knows the problem: a few kilos more can get stuck in the attempt! Now I was asked whether one must expect to gain weight when switching to steam? No, you don’t!

In contrast to stopping smoking, the supply of nicotine continues when steaming. We avoid several 1000 pollutants, which are produced by burning tobacco, but continue to supply nicotine. So if the increase in smoke stop was due to nicotine, there is nothing to fear.

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What transfer passengers need – and what not!

For a long time, I have been observing with concern that the market for e-cigarettes and steam appliances is developing in a way that is almost hostile to people switching. If you surf on any shop today, you will be offered in all seriousness big thick SubOhm-steam with an uncomfortable mouthpiece of the type stovepipe. It’s no wonder that many don’t make the switch, because these appliances require a completely different steam behavior than smokers are used to. (Apart from the fact that they are hopelessly addicted to the “higher-fast-further”, which is useless for normal steaming, as far as the watt and volt ranges are concerned).
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