Weight gain through steam?

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Anyone who has quit smoking several times and started smoking again later knows the problem: a few kilos more can get stuck in the attempt! Now I was asked whether one must expect to gain weight when switching to steam? No, you don’t!

In contrast to stopping smoking, the supply of nicotine continues when steaming. We avoid several 1000 pollutants, which are produced by burning tobacco, but continue to supply nicotine. So if the increase in smoke stop was due to nicotine, there is nothing to fear.

Oral needs

From my experience (7 x stop smoking, weeks to several months), the increase in stop smoking is not so much caused by nicotine withdrawal, but by the fact that one looks for replacement satisfaction. The appetite increases, more nibbles are eaten, food becomes more important. Anyone who has been used to sucking on a cigarette for years or decades has also become accustomed to an oral need that cannot be relieved so quickly.

But this is exactly what is fully satisfied when steaming – provided, of course, that we use e-cigarettes or steaming( Geräte nutzen,), which also make this possible. Ex-smokers are usually cheek steamers (MTL, Mouth-to-Lung), so they first draw the smoke into their mouths and only in a second step into their lungs. You should use devices that make this possible in the same way.

The nicotine dose should also be right! Especially when switching it is important to start with a nicotine dose that corresponds to the previous consumption of cigarettes. With me these were first Liquids with 18mg (before: 1 packet Javaanse in 1,5 days), however, I came already soon down on 12mg. (The values are valid for baking steam, SubOhm steamers take less, because the steam hits the lungs very violently). To avoid overdosing due to the need to suck on something, it is recommended to have several steamers to operate one of them with low-dose nicotine (or no nicotine at all). This is then also there to try out new tastes!

All in all: I have NOT gained weight by steaming – at the moment I even manage to lose weight!

Weight gain through steam?
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Weight gain through steam?
Anyone who has already quit smoking knows the problem: a few kilos more stick! Now the question is whether one also increases when switching to steaming? ✓
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