What transfer passengers need – and what not!

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For a long time, I have been observing with concern that the market for e-cigarettes and steam appliances is developing in a way that is almost hostile to people switching. If you surf on any shop today, you will be offered in all seriousness big thick SubOhm-steam with an uncomfortable mouthpiece of the type stovepipe. It’s no wonder that many don’t make the switch, because these appliances require a completely different steam behavior than smokers are used to. (Apart from the fact that they are hopelessly addicted to the “higher-fast-further”, which is useless for normal steaming, as far as the watt and volt ranges are concerned).

At Vapers Guru there is now an article that explains all this very well and really speaks from my soul. In “More and more wrong devices”(Immer mehr falsche Geräte) for example the difference between “baking steam” (= what European smokers do) and the direct inhalation into the lungs is explained, for what all these “wrong devices” are built:

A Central European cigarette smoker -who is switching- is a so-called baking steamer(Backedampfer.). (M2L, mouth to lung, mouth-lung steamer; or smoker) This is quickly misunderstood by smokers as “puffing”, but it has nothing to do with it. Inhalation is a fundamental part of steaming.
M2L means pulling on the cigarette, collecting the smoke in the mouth, opening the lips, and inhaling all the smoke/vapour at once.
Now every German-speaking reader will shrug his shoulders and think: “Yes what? Normal!
Nope, it’s not. In large parts of the world people smoke quite differently. There the smoke from the cigarette is inhaled directly into the lungs, as if one inhales through the cigarette. This is common practice in Southeast Asia, for example, but also in China.
And so you can also steam with the larger devices. You pull out of the device and directly into the lungs. This is the only way to create the huge amounts of steam that Sub Ohm steamers like to use to fog the whole room. That can’t be done with M2L.

….Lungedampfen and Backedampfen are as different as cigarette smoking and Shisha smoking. And a cigarette smoker who has to switch to Shisha from one day to the next will have some problems.

Exactly – and annoyingly the steam is put aside and that’s it with the steam experiment!

Ignorance towards newcomers prepares the ground for the corporations

The fact that the market is developing so extremely in this particular direction is probably also due to the fact that GROWTH is only possible at high rates if new equipment is constantly being purchased. But if you change successfully, you will have found your one to three steamers after two to five test devices and don’t need an even stronger, a bit different device all the time. This is especially necessary for people who see the generation of mega steam clouds as a goal of steam and competition (“cloud chasing”), whereas as a transfer user one appreciates being able to steam very inconspicuously.

I’m certainly not completely wrong with the assertion: by ignoring the needs of the transfer passengers, this market in the SubOhm techno hype first creates the gateway for the competition of large corporations that then offer SIMPLE devices (EINFACHE Geräte anbieten). Of course with acidic standardized refills in only a few flavours – or even simply based on tobacco, which is “vaporized” in innovative devices without any Liquid at all.

What transfer passengers need

In addition to some willpower (not as much as in the case of the replacement smoke stop!) steamers need the following things – I quote Vapers Guru again:

“Next, he needs [note: they too!] a Tobacco Liquid that can get close to his cigarettes. With corresponding nicotine content. Better too much than too little, 12mg to 18mg are recommended for a normal smoker. It is unlikely that a jelly baby liquid gives a smoker what he needs permanently.
And last but not least he needs a sensible device. None that is suitable for cloud chasing. None that has a drip tip with the diameter of a garden hose that can only be used for lung chasing. No self-winder, no battery carrier that can be operated via mobile phone, no gimmicks. And he needs a device that has a corresponding pulling resistance. Once he has these three things together, the switch to steaming is as easy as changing the cigarette brand.”

But which device is recommendable for beginners? I managed with the still available EVOD 2 – you need two of them to avoid a dry spell during charging.

What you can do if you have already bought a “wrong device”, as well as examples of steam suitable for transfer passengers can be found in the original article. The whole magazine is also worth reading and offers a lot of information about steam and legal developments.(lest Ihr im Original-Artikel.)

Update 12.10.16: New results: Too much power bad (Neue Ergebnisse: Zu viel Power schlecht ) – interesting article, very worth reading!


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What transfer passengers need - and what not!
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What transfer passengers need - and what not!
What transferers need: Beside some willpower (not as much as in the case of the substituteless smoke stop!) steamers need the following things - I quote again:
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