Against dead regulation of the e-cigarette! Please sign E-Petition!

Article 20 of Directive 2014/40/EU may not be transposed into federal law!

Please sign the e-petition – even if it’s a bit awkward because you have to register:

Verbraucherschutz – Keine Umsetzung von Artikel 20 Tabakproduktrichtlinie 2014/40/EU (elektronische Zigaretten) vom 07.10.2015

From the explanatory text:

“The federal government wants people to get rid of cigarettes. At the same time, the aim is to regulate steam in such a way that former smokers can once again reach for their cigarettes when nicotine levels are so low (4 mg). Also in view of the growing market and the purchasing power and jobs behind it, which are still being created, it would be a huge mistake to implement this regulation as planned.”

My opinion: This text is of course suboptimal, but you should sign it anyway! Better than nothing!

This petition is official and runs exclusively for 4 weeks, until 20.1.2016, by which time 50,000 signatures should have been collected! Every vote counts!

Hier die Petition unterzeichnen

Recommendation for the 39th #DampfDiDay

Tuesday, December 1st 15 is 39th #SteamDiDay. At this weekly event we celebrate steamship the invention of the e-cigarette

On this occasion I celebrate Kurbelursel (Mered) for her general commitment to steaming and especially for the blog post in which she describes how, after many unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, she found YOUR SOUL PEACE thanks to the steam:

E-Zigarette – voll der Sch… !


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