Intermediate status report, 5 months steaming

Shame on me, I’ve really come to nothing here! Actually a few fundamental info articles should enrich the blog, at least with references to the most important things about steaming, but as you can see, the blog is still “almost new”… During Whitsun there will hopefully be time to change something about it, in the last weeks it’s the particularly intensive springtime Gartenarbeit, which – in addition to my bread work and my other blogs – simply MUST BE MAKED. Otherwise there is nothing else with harvest…. 🙂 Read more →

Philgood explains the reasons for the media baiting against the steam on ZDF and in general

Probably you know this: As soon as you hear a speech about e-steam in any round, at least one person notices: “But I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be totally harmful!”. Harmful, dangerous – more is usually not stuck on “information”. The people seem to be brainwashed, completely unaware of the content, but already with a firm anti-E-cigarette opinion. How is this possible in view of an invention that has literally saved countless smokers? Namely, freed from tar and the thousands of harmful substances that are produced when tobacco is burned, but not when it steams? Read more →

Tax on Liquids in preparation

According to Informationen der Stuttgarter Nachrichten the EU Commission wants to present a model “for the taxation of the Liquid which the manufacturers have filled into capsules and which the consumer then evaporates in the reusable device” by the summer.

The newspaper complains about “Wild West conditions” in the sector of previously unregulated e-cigarettes:

However, it is reminiscent of the Wild West that almost everything is still allowed. The still manageable number of offerers of the Mehrweg-Verdampfungsgeräte of Chinese design and the caps with the liquid may still all that is forbidden to the tobacco industry long: They may switch advertisement, in the television and in daily papers. They are allowed to distribute free samples to passers-by, without even having to keep a distance from schools and daycare centers.

The fact that E-steam is almost infinitely less harmful than tobacco consumption and that only a few well known ingredients are contained in the Liquids does not play a role in the general hunt against steam – it is howling!

I am also very curious whether they dare to tax liquids WITHOUT nicotine! And with regard to the taxation of Niko-Liquids it will be interesting how the taxation will be justified. See in addition the last Blogpost: Wenn überhaupt, dann nicht als Tabak-Produkt.

For the taxation of e-cigarettes: If at all, then NOT as tobacco product!

This highly informative article about a potentially upcoming taxation of e-Liquids I found on Facebook. It is a multi-author work and I was allowed by Udo Laschet to take it over here. Many thanks!

Taxation of e-cigarettes: The FCTC is still valid!
E-cigarettes / e-Liquids must not be classified as tobacco products or taxed on tobacco products.

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Framework Covention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is an international treaty that enables FCTC member countries to take measures to reduce tobacco consumption. This FCTC has been ratified by Germany and all other EU member states, and so the adopted EU Tobacco Product Directive clearly bears the hallmarks of the WHO and the FCTC with regard to tobacco prevention.

What does this have to do with the taxation of e-cigarettes and liquids?

Ms Mortler, the federal drug commissioner, recently called for e-cigarettes (or consumables) to be taxed in the same way as tobacco cigarettes. Now all we need to know is that the gradual, continuous adjustment of the tobacco tax on tobacco products is one of the measures that the FCTC allows its member countries to take to curb tobacco consumption: The more expensive the cigarette, the more dissuasive its purchase will be. Read more →