Tax on Liquids in preparation

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According to Informationen der Stuttgarter Nachrichten the EU Commission wants to present a model “for the taxation of the Liquid which the manufacturers have filled into capsules and which the consumer then evaporates in the reusable device” by the summer.

The newspaper complains about “Wild West conditions” in the sector of previously unregulated e-cigarettes:

However, it is reminiscent of the Wild West that almost everything is still allowed. The still manageable number of offerers of the Mehrweg-Verdampfungsgeräte of Chinese design and the caps with the liquid may still all that is forbidden to the tobacco industry long: They may switch advertisement, in the television and in daily papers. They are allowed to distribute free samples to passers-by, without even having to keep a distance from schools and daycare centers.

The fact that E-steam is almost infinitely less harmful than tobacco consumption and that only a few well known ingredients are contained in the Liquids does not play a role in the general hunt against steam – it is howling!

I am also very curious whether they dare to tax liquids WITHOUT nicotine! And with regard to the taxation of Niko-Liquids it will be interesting how the taxation will be justified. See in addition the last Blogpost: Wenn überhaupt, dann nicht als Tabak-Produkt.

Tax on Liquids in preparation
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Tax on Liquids in preparation
If they dare to tax Liquids WITHOUT nicotine! And with regard to the taxation of Niko-Liquids it becomes interesting how the taxation is justified.
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