Intermediate status report, 5 months steaming

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Shame on me, I’ve really come to nothing here! Actually a few fundamental info articles should enrich the blog, at least with references to the most important things about steaming, but as you can see, the blog is still “almost new”… During Whitsun there will hopefully be time to change something about it, in the last weeks it’s the particularly intensive springtime Gartenarbeit, which – in addition to my bread work and my other blogs – simply MUST BE MAKED. Otherwise there is nothing else with harvest…. 🙂

Saved huge sums!

But what the hell, time will come, blog articles will come, the topic “Steaming” has been with me for about five and a half months now. I’ve already saved a lot of money for tobacco, leaflets and filters. With a frequency of one pack of tobacco every 1.5 days, as I was still using it in November, smoking would have cost me about 650 euros to date. Instead, I spent about fifty euros on Liquids to try out quite a few. I had been provided with the starting equipment, and the additional purchases cost about 20,- Euro. Steaming instead of smoking is worth it financially, I can only recommend it!

Getting to know the finer points: the traction resistance

I haven’t advanced to advanced Händling with adjustable battery carriers yet, because I’m very satisfied with my beginner-Evods. But since I got additional batteries and vaporizers, as well as a nice Vision X Fire / E-Fire Wood, I have a comparison. As beautiful as the X-Fire looks with its wooden battery casing: the steam tastes bad and the part has a huge pulling resistance! I get a lot of pressure in my head when I pull on it – how to make something like this is a mystery to me! It’s unused in the drawer now and I’m happy about the super light train of the EVOD with a simple evaporator head! (Especially good mein ALLERERSTES Gerät, which even pulls better than the extra available evaporators/clearomizers from the same manufacturer. Strange, but true!)

Liquids: the tobacco taste stays

Although I tried out many different Liquid samples, I could not warm up for fruit, vegetables, sweets and beverage tastes, but stayed with tobacco liquids, which I enrich at most with a little menthol. Although no tobacco liquid exactly matches the taste of the cigarette, you get used to the differences and start to appreciate the different flavours. Only Javaanse was always boring!

Perhaps it is still interesting that I therefore distance myself from Obstliquids & Co. in order not to impair my taste when consuming the natural fruits. I’ve noticed that such liquids initially have a very tasty effect, but that they wear off after a short time. The taste fades, which is not due to the liquid, but to our adaptability: what is always there, is sometimes faded out. Smell and taste are very interwoven and react similarly. If this adaptability were not given, sewer workers, for example, would find it really difficult, but in fact they simply don’t notice the stench of the sewage anymore if they spend many hours there.
When my tobacco liquids fade, I switch to others or use several in three vapor anyway. But I want to keep the strawberry taste “original” – for the real strawberries!

seeking pressure minimized

Surprisingly, the pressure for nicotine addiction is no longer as strong as it was in the Pyros era. In the past I couldn’t be an hour without Ziggi and in the morning I wasn’t available until I had consumed my three breakfast Ziggis for coffee. Meanwhile I can be without anything for hours – almost unbelievable. A large part of the addiction doesn’t seem to be caused by nicotine at all, but by other substances during the burning of tobacco. How wonderful to be freed from this fierce desire!

And the political anger continues…

If you haven’t been disenchanted with politics so far, you will be at the latest when you start steaming. What is going on around a possible regulation or prohibition is simply creepy. (E.g. scientists who tailor their study results to their prejudices – mal lesen!) Above all, this spirit of paternalism, which speaks from many statements by politicians and anti-E-Ziggi activists, also excites me. Because of me they should pursue youth protection, but adults should be allowed to determine themselves, what they rather consume instead of the indisputably highly harmful tobacco cigarette. The effort to prove that e-cigarettes are also harmful ANY way seems obsessive and ill. Of course, clean air is the healthiest, but we already know that. That practically every former massive smoker reports about many improvements around breathing and fitness doesn’t seem to interest all these anti-steam activists – it sucks!

So much for my state of affairs in a nutshell.

Intermediate status report, 5 months steaming
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Intermediate status report, 5 months steaming
Save a lot of money! ✓ Get to know the subtleties: the traction resistance ✓ Liquids: stuck with the tobacco taste ✓ Addiction pressure minimized ✓ And the political anger continues...
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